One-On-One Grooming

Our KNICKERBOCKER location offers full service grooming for both dogs and cats, by appointment only. We pride ourselves in providing loving and individualized service to your pet alone, which is why we only have ONE groomer working on only ONE pet at a time. We are not a grooming factory, and you will never find multiple dogs being groomed at the same time at Bushwick Bark. We believe that individual attention should be given to each animal, in order to provide a safe and calm environment where your pet can feel happy and comfortable while in our care. We also do not prefer to crate your loved ones if possible, which is why we request that you pick your pet up when their groom is finished. We will always call you 15 minutes before they are ready for pickup.

Nail trims, ear cleans, and gland expressions are walk in services. Please call the KNICKERBOCKER shop in advance on the day you plan to come in for these services, just to make sure a groomer will be available when you want to come in.